Leading a "constant component" and "memory spring" high-tech temperature control valve core; with variable temperature sensitive, accurate and instantaneous characterisce of the thermostat, effectively prevent the water temperature high and sometimes low; at any time accroding to diffent temperature and pressure per minute free water flow control by 6L; the"water temperature comfort index" and "take the body temperature index" to really match the harmony; and effectively prevent overheating and other defects, to precisely control the safety of the water temperature of 38 degrees;
Amigo first to use the world's leading high vacuum PVD plating technology, advanced PVD plating technology allows themain body and the plating metal products with superior adhesion between the layers, layers of precision seamless, even in the professional optical instruments under test , and truly non-porous seamless plating, chrome plating and copper to achieve the perfect combination of principal. Sub-meter high plating thickness of the product have higher requirements, are implemented in accordance with European standards electroplating, plating thickness remained at between 8 microns to 12 microns.
Amigo product line leading FUSION using friction welding technology to ensure the products of each solder joint are fused entity. Friction welding is widely used in aviation, electronics and other high precision industries and products. Friction welding method has greatly increased the density of solder joints, making solid welding parts and the parts beautifully seamless. The use of high-quality silver electrodes, making the melting point of the same variety of materials, improved welding precision. The use of silver oxide is not easy, properties and stability, environmental protection and health.
Amigo products are Europe's top Taocifaxin high, close to the strength of diamond wear of ceramics is almost zero, greatly improving the spool sealing performance and service life. The special ceramics used in luxury watches within the shell space instrument of compression components. Even after more than 300,000 times the switch, the valve can also ensure quality. Taocifaxin very smooth, as hard as diamond. Because air can not enter, its magnet-like absorption edge firmly to seal the valve. Each time you unscrew the faucet, valve will slide back and forth, become bright, adsorption stronger, the longer, stronger performance.
Care consumer has been upheld by Amigo, Amigo water use within the guide tube is medical-grade EPDM tube, nontoxic, close to the food security level, the case in the face of high temperatures and will not release any hazardous substances.
Drawing precision, rich with texture. Fine wire drawing machines and artificial use of a combination of surface treatment, drawing more uniform than the average precision, there are rules which each root filament, or concentric circles or parallel than the track, provision of cross on the cause of clutter-free, so The rich with texture. Easy to scratch, durable. Time, color better. Entire physical production of fine wire drawing, acid is not used in the production process, environmental health.

AMIGO SANITARY WARE MANUFACTURER in mainland China ,with associated company HONG KONG JAT ENTERPRISE CO,LTD ,created in years of experience in international operations, as well as a good international perspective in the context of AMIGO mastery of European and American modern bathroom trend,with China Oriental living habits ,a series of bathroom solutions ,production kitchen hardware and bathroom hardware involved ,including:high temperature faucet,bathroom faucet,kitchen faucet stainless steel kitchenware ,bathroom accessories ,bathroom hardware accessories……..
AMIGO sought to blend the local wisdom of the world trend ,new bathroom space interpretation of the new Asian home new ideas ,from product design and paoduction quality of the control ,embodied the pursuit of this idea,won the the majority of the pursuit of life of customers.
AMIGO reason to believe ,based on AMIGO the pursuit of good ideas ,and from raw material selection ,mold design and development gravity casting ,high precision machining ,fine polished , high quality plating ,etc., are very strict control ,for the longer –term development ,providing stong support .
People in modern city no longer satisfied with simple functional or sham consumer behavior ,whether elite or mass groups have turned to the pursuit of high tasted ,cost-effective consumer products ,strongly reflects the high quality of life for the sought-after attitude ,right time ,ready to work with your AMIGO bathroom with the pursuit of achievement of high quality life.

For thousands of years civilization by the passage of the upheaval repeatedly ,always haunting still is born with a simple and pure .We appreciate the luxuriant appearance ,inner focus more on improving the quality of the product design to products manufacturing process ,we completely follow the international first-class product atandards that allowed stable quality ,function high quality and low price thoroughly subverting the traditional markets of low quality concept ,provides the high quality for the general public of the comfortabie with ease.


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